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Notification No. - 051-HERCI OF 2021

Affiliation Fee

The Health Education and Research Council of India established in 2010 under Article 29 and 30 (1) of Constitution of India and incorporated under The Legislation of Government of India aims to:
  • Minimize shortfall in trained and qualified paramedics in India.
  • Promote quality education, training and research in 'Health and Medicine'.
All our guidelines and regulations are designed with the consent of active members of our governing body. We grant
  • Registration to autonomous and qualified paramedics / colleges
  • Affiliation to institutes
  • Registration to qualified individuals or college/university for world-class training in Paramedical Science and futuristic practice
  • Certificates to professionals after they have worked for a fixed period of time

After meeting all requirements specified by our Council, the following charges have to be borne by the institution/college before actual grant of affiliation:
  • Inspection fee- Rs 25,000/-
  • Affiliation fee: Rs 25,000/- per Faculty
  • Affiliation fee for all Certificate Courses: Rs 75,000/-
  • Affiliation for all Faculties with 50% Fee Sharing : Rs 2,50,000/-
  • Affiliation for all Faculties without Fee Sharing : Rs 5,00,000/-(Registration Fee of Rs 1000/- per Student and Examination Fee to be paid.)

Institutes/colleges should also note that:
  • Inspection and affiliation fees are non-refundable and nontransferable under any circumstances, whatsoever.
  • The Council reserves the right to terminate affiliation to any institute/college without prior notice if it fails to function according to the instructions laid down by the Council.
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