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Paramedical Programs

The Health Education and Research Council of India offers courses with varying eligibility criteria and duration under the following categories:
  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • B.Sc courses
  • M.Sc courses
  • PG certificate/Diploma courses.
The various certificate courses designed with an aim of creating manpower which can assist health-care workers in different set-ups, which requires a minimum educational qualification of 10th standard and last for duration of one year are:
  • Advance Certificate in Medical Lab Technology
  • Advance Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Advance Certificate in Medical Radio Imaging
  • Advance Certificate in Physiotherapy
  • Advance Certificate in Hospitality
  • Advance Certificate in X-Ray
  • Advance Certificate in Health Sanitary Inspector
  • Advance Certificate in Multipurpose Health Worker
  • Advance Certificate in Verternity Pharmacy
  • Advance Certificate in Ultrasound Technician
  • Advance Certificate in Physician Assistant
  • Advance Certificate in Physiotherapy
  • Advance Certificate in Pharmacy Assistant
  • Advance Certificate in Optometry
  • Advance Certificate in OT Technician

Some advance certificate courses and diploma courses designed with the aim of empowering students to assist health-care workers in various set-ups, which require minimum 10th standard and last for two years are:
  • Advance Certificate in Live-Stock and Veternity Science
  • Advance Diploma in Nursing Assistant
  • Advance Diploma in Verternity Pharmacy
  • Advance Diploma in Dental Mechanic
  • Advance Diploma in Pharmacy Assistant
  • Advance Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Advance Diploma in Hospitality

Bachelor of Science B.Sc or Bachelor of Arts-BA courses designed with an aim to empower students in assisting health-care workers, which are reviewed versions of courses already available in various institutes, and which require minimum 10th + 2 and last for three years are:
  • B.Sc Radio Image Technology
  • BA/ B.Sc Yoga and Naturopathy
Masters of Science M.Sc or Masters of Arts-MA courses which are reviewed versions of courses already available in various institutes, which require minimum graduation and last for two years are:
  • MA/M.Sc Yoga and Naturopathy
  • MA/M.Sc Public Health Science/ Optometry
  • M.Sc Radio Image Technology
  • Billing and Medical Insurance Assistant
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